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Open Source Sense is the industry’s most experienced management consultancy in open source business.   Over the last 12 years our consultants have helped firms such as, AT&T, Citigroup, HP, Huawei, Intel, JP Morgan Chase, Microsoft, Motorola, NEC, Nissan, Samsung, Sony and over 300 more develop effective and differentiated open source strategies. We are seasoned professionals, with deep technical and operational business experience – that broad, hands-on experience allows us to deeply understand the particulars of your business and craft practical solutions that work.

Open Source Sense  offers a range of services to help clients capitalize on the strategic, technological, and financial benefits of open source software:
  • Accelerate innovation
  • Drive Technology Uptake
  • Catalyze Partnerships
  • Establish de facto standards
  • Reduce software development costs
  • Reduce legal and operational risk

Open Source Sense

Open Source

Open Source Software  Management​

 ​​​​​​​​​Our open source strategy consulting practice can help your organization devise custom strategies around open source technologies and methods to achieve business and technology goals. Our consulting team has engaged with hundreds
of organizations, providing comprehensive strategies for industry-leading technology suppliers and enterprise IT organizations.

Professional open source management helps you realize maximum benefit from open source software while addressing legal, security and operational risks. We've  worked with hundreds of companies and are uniquely qualified to help your organization develop and implement an effective open source software management program.

Open Source Security

Open source, while enjoying a well-deserved reputation for security and stability, still presents security risks from latent vulnerabilities and configuration issues.  The Open Source Sense security practices help you understand and quantify real world risk from unmanaged vulnerabilities, determine and prioritize needed remediation actions, and build open source security policy and processes harmonized with your organizations broader security practices.

Many companies seek to centralize open source software management as they increasingly integrate, deploy and also redistribute open source software. Let us help you create and launch your Open Source Program Office  with a clear mission, optimal resourcing, sensible metrics ​and a plan for success! 

Some of our clients

Over the past decades, our team has worked on over 350 engagements, addressing every aspect of open source strategy and management, across the IT ecosystem, working with semiconductor manufacturers, device OEMs, independent software vendors, integrators, operators and IT end-users.
  1. ATT
  2. Huawei
  3. Microsoft
  4. Alcatel-Lucent
  5. Samsung
  6. Title 6
  7. Intel
  8. Federal Reserve
  9. Title 9
  10. Facebook
  11. Title 11
  12. Title 12
  13. Title 13
  14. Title 14
  15. Title 15
  16. Title 16
  17. Title 17
  18. Title 18
  19. Keysight
  20. Amdocs
  21. The Linux Foundation
  22. Codescoop
  23. Neone

Open Source Sense Partners

Open Source Sense builds and leverages partnership across the open source ecosystem, from ISVs to integrators, from support aggregators to sales channels, from consultants to consortia, and beyond.   To explore how we can collaborate. Contact us at ​​​ [email protected]  
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